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电镜界众所周知的Sorvall超薄切片机是在1953年推出的。在此之后的20年中,它是电镜用户最可信赖的超薄切片制备工具,全球销量在4000台以上。1974年Dupont公司收购了Ivan Sorvall公司,而RMC公司在1985年又从Dupont手中将这一系列TEM样品制备产品收购。




1953   Sorvall-1st commercial ultramicrotome

1954   1953 – 1974 Sorvall dominats world market

1974   Dupont purchase Ivan Sorvall, Inc

1985   RMC acquires product line from Dupont

1994   MTX Introduction

1996   MTXL Launch

2000   Boeckeler acquires RMC EM product line




High pressure freezing is the only method which allows freezing of aqueous samples up to 200µm thickness without visible ice crystal damage and without the use of cryo-protectants.

For trouble-free freeze-substitution and low temperature embedding on a routine basis.

The ultramicrotomes with patented Power Drive® technology. When gravity fails, the powered cutting stroke has enough strength to cut through even hard, non-homogenous specimens.

This touch-screen controlled ultramicrotome uses computer power to simplify sectioning operations while capturing essential information in its integrated database.

For ultra-thin and semi-thin cryosectioning of biological specimens, plastics, polymers, paper and wood products, magnetic and photographic films and any other materials requiring low temperature thin sectioning over the range from +35°C to -185°C.

The only Glass Knife Maker with micrometers for precision control and repeatable scoring. Uses “balanced break” method for optimum knife edges.

Automates routine EM-sample fixation and embedding, freeing up valuable laboratory time. The advanced design is suited for resin processing of light and electron microscopy specimens.

With a motorized, programmable automatic trim, the MT-990 microtome is a high-precision instrument for sectioning both hard and soft material. When paired with its CRT-900 cryo-sectioning attachment, this is the ideal instrument for polymer applications.

This microtome is primarily intended for specimen surface preparation for: AFM, SPM, SEM, OM, FTIR. This microtome is also ideal for sectioning materials for Forensic, QC and Materials research applications.

An economical manual-contol microtome for histology, materials and forensic applications. Section thickness range from 0.5 to 60µ with electronic knife feed.

Similar to MR2 but includes motorized operation with a variable cutting speed from 0 – 400 mm/second and foot switch control for both cut & trim functions.


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