Imina Technologies SA
EPFL Innovation Park
Bâtiment E
CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone: +41 22 534 90 78

Imina Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2009 to exploit more than ten years of research in high precision robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL).

With many years of experience in precision engineering, micro-robotics and nanomanipulation, our interdisciplinary team is geared up for the needs of the most demanding users. The unique combination of our know-how enables us to propose complete solutions for even the most specific applications.

Imina Technologies公司专业提供miBot纳米操纵器,是当今世界上最小巧的商业化纳米操纵系统,是在光学显微镜、扫描电镜和FIB聚焦离子束显微镜上进行微米和纳米尺度研究和开发的通用操纵和测量工具。


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