AngFlash, Inc.
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Pleasanton, CA 94588
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About The Company:

Electron microscopy is a powerful tool for study of individual objects with sizes from micrometers to sub-nanometers.  The Ångström level high resolution and simultaneously obtainable real-space and reciprocal space structural information make the electron microscopy indispensible in materials researches.  However, it usually takes years of intensive study and microscope operation experiences to understand the principles behind the electron microscopy and to learn “know-how” for obtaining the valuable electron microscopy data.  This is particularly true for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Extracting correct structural information out of the experimental data is another challenge.  It is highly dependent on experience and knowledge.  AngFlash Inc. devotes to make all these tasks simpler by developing softwares to make data processing and interpretation fast and straightforward.



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