GKM-2 玻璃制刀机

型 号:GKM-2
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To achieve consistent, controlled breaks, two aspects of the breaking process must be measurably controlled: position and load. The glass position on the GKM-2 is controlled using precision micrometers. The load is controlled through the constant feedback displayed on the digital readout as the clamping handle and breaking arm are adjusted.

This Glass Knife Maker Controls Both Position and Load:

making it easy for you to achieve consistent, controlled breaks.




Two micrometer positioners give you precise control and repeatable scoring.









The digital readout indicates how much load is applied to the glass.


The GKM-2 uses the “balanced break” method for optimum knife edges.

The GKM-2 is specifically designed to incorporate the “balanced break” method to produce optimum knife edges. Balanced breaks require equal lengths of glass on each side of the score, along with a mechanism that applies equal load to each side, resulting in a straight break. The GKM-2 also makes it possible to achieve consistent “slow breaks” desired by many users.

The rectangular shaped body of the GKM-2 is precision machined from a solid block of metal for long term stability and precision.

The instrument uses commercial size glass ranging from 6 mm (1/4”) to 12 mm (1/2”)
It has been engineered with mechanical stops for producing precise 25 mm glass squares with ease.

Micrometers for precise and reproducible alignment of 25 mm squares for diagonal breaks.

Includes locking mechanism for guides so micrometers can be removed after alignment.

Capable of producing knives with cutting angles of 35° to 55° using micrometer adjustments.



  • Solid, Heavy Design
  • Easily Produces Consistent, Controlled Breaks
  • Digital Readout Displays Load Applied to Glass as Breaking Arm is Moved
  • Produces Knives Up to 12mm Width
  • “Balanced Break” Method for the Sharpest Knives
  • Micrometer Positioners
  • Built-in Mechanical Stops for Easy Positioning
  • Precision Mechanism Supports “Slow-Break” Technique


Digital readout gives precision load feedback
for achieving consistent slow-breaks.



Width: 360 mm (14 inches)
Height: 160 mm (6.3 inches)
Depth: 170 mm (6.8 inches)
Weight: 13.6 kg (30 pounds)
Ordering Information  
76011 Glass Knife Maker, complete with the following
  safety glasses
  instruction manual
  replacement scoring wheel and axle
  package of 6mm glass strips
Glass Strips  
316995 6 mm x 1" x 16" (25.4 mm x 406 mm) x 400 mm, package of 24
316996 8 mm x 1" x 16" (25.4 mm x 406 mm), package of 24
315626 12 mm x 1" x8" (25.4 mm x 203 mm), package of 16


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