Micromanipulator miBot


he miBot is the smallest nanometer resolution manipulator of the market. The use of piezo actuators in a revolutionary mobile motion technology makes the miBot both extremely precise and very easy to control. Diverse micro-tools can be mounted on the miBot tool holder, which makes it particularly well-suited for R&D applications in material science, microelectronics and photonics, whenever in situ physical interactions with the sample are sought.


Nanomanipulation has never been so easy

The miBot manipulator is a mobile micro-robot. It means that it moves directly over the surface of the base on which your sample lays and hasno mounting screws. The manipulator can therefore be pre-positioned by hand, making it very fast to set-up and reconfigure.

Moreover, no movements of the miBot manipulator are coupled. It makes it extremely intuitive to control, significantly reduces the time to achieve complex manipulation, and eliminates the risk of damaging samples.

The easiness-of-use of the miBot manipulator enables anybody to be trained in a few minutes and quickly obtain results from his applications.

In a minute, place the miBot micromanipulator by hand close to your sample and start manipulating your sample or probing an electronic circuit

Small, precise, with large traveling range

The miBot monolithic design is really compact (5 cm3). This makes it more robust and provides a better mechanical and thermal stability than larger manipulators with multiple axes. Furthermore, the arm length being short,sensitivity to vibrations is drastically reduced.

The extreme high resolutions of positioning of the miBot manipulator are achieved thanks to the use of piezoelectric actuators. In scanning mode, the smallest step the miBot can make is 0.5 nm! In stepping mode, the operating velocity is 2.5 mm/s. This unique capability of the miBot enables to quickly move a probe or a sensor around samples of several centimeters (e.g. wafers) and be very precise to position them at destination.

View from the SEM IR chamber scope of 4 miBot nanomanipulators turning around a sample to position electrical probes at different location of an IC


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