ASTAR - Automatic phase and orientation mappin


  ASTAR  can easily be retrofitted to any (old  or  new) 100- 400 kV TEM
  TEM based  technique  similar  to  EBSD  for  SEM (with  much  higher  resolution  details)
  Perform  detailed  orientation  maps  (Orientation  resol < 1º , < 5  nm step size) for  metals, ceramics , semiconductors  and   any  type of  diffracting  material, any crystal  symmmetry, no sample  preparation
  Perform  detailed  crystal  phase maps  (resolution  <  5  nm -TEM FEG , < 25 nm - LaB6 TEM)
  Ultra-fast  data adquisition   (< 5 min ) (eg 5x 5 microns, 500 x 500 points)  with  CCD camera
  Scanning in  combination  with precession  for  accurate  orientation and  phase maps
 Generation of  simulated  ED patterns (templates)  for  all  possible  crystal  symmetries and comparison  with  experimental  ED patterns via cross – correlation  techniques. to  retrieve  accurate phase  and  orientation maps  (any crystal  symmetry)



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