Yu Feng International Trade Co., Ltd is a trading company based in Shanghai. It comprises Instrument Division, Technical Service Division and Int’l Trade Division. Yu Feng distinguishes itself from the other instrument/trading agents through its unique service provided to our customers.



Our Service:

Ø         Introducing the latest technology and advanced products from abroad to Chinese market; Providing technological consulting and service; Conducting collaborative R&D with our customers aiming to the have better technology development and application.


Ø         Supplying instrument/integrated system for the laboratory, quality control examination system and research projects; as well as integrated service for automatical & intelligentized instrument systems.


Ø         Providing information of new technologies and products.


Ø         Supplying scientific instrument for special use, chemicals and laboratory consumables.


Ø         Laboratory design and system planning.



Our Goal:

To become a unique service-centered company that provides integrated and synthesized service for technology and product. To promote technological development by R&D and innovation.


Our Post-Sales Service:

We are the one channel that provides all the post-sales service. There is no need for our customers to have face different suppliers.


Yu Feng is looking forward to be your partner!


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